Mark Edwards

He is the proud father of 2 boys, is an assistant to his wife who teaches Sunday school, is a schools governor, and is an active member of the village fundraising fete committee.

His eldest son has just joined the Scout movement. this was another proud moment as Mark was introduced to caring and sharing and taking responsibility for his own actions and others – recognised when he was Awarded the Queens Scout Award.

His successful business owes a great deal to The Princes Trust and the support that two very special mentors gave to him Keith Robertson and Chris Redfern. Founded in 1985!
He soon learned, to be successful the will to win and “nothing is impossible” mindset would make his life easier and better.

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He also owes a great deal Junior Chamber International JCI, where he took responsibility for dealing with Japanese and American interests amongst others when several thousand people all met in Birmingham ( a first of this size for B’ham!) UK for a World Congress .

Later once JCI developed his skills he became the International Director taking parties to East and West  Europe and USA creating new business and building relationships that last. In November he was in Germany meeting Past Presidents friends, and future contacts. 

Mark Edwards has succeeded in promoting businesses for over 20 years.
He is 44 years old and has lots of energy, He is ethical and has a desire to shine.

Along the way he has won many awards including the Shell Oil Award for innovative new business idea, TNT Outstanding Customer Care and  twice National  Winner of Marketing Guild Award for marketing excellence that attracts profitable sales.  

Perhaps you can understand why, high on his list of personal motivators are building trust, loyalty and excellent relationships which are the building blocks of sustainable business.

Mark wishes to help small business to achieve better sales, see Hunt and Rogers- M. Sold them to TESCO ,  SPJ Enterprises- M attracted new customers, Newtown Packaging  -M increased spend and retained customers longer and needed to  increase morale.  Mark brings to his customers  the experience and trust built when marketing, proven trustworthy  and selling  to the below

Clients past and present include





Shell Oil

Kentucky Fried Chicken

and a host of medium and small businesses charities. Take a look at the testimonials and case studies on this site

Mark  learned, the will to win and “nothing is impossible” mindset – would make his life easier and better. He found a way to make his determination a reality..

Mark  is a believer in the Ian & Phyllis are perfect coaches!

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