Terms Of Business


These Terms & Conditions, together with the Particulars set-out, supersede any Terms & conditions previously in use, they are based upon English & Scottish Law, with any disputes being resolved by the courts of either England or Scotland.

1. The term "Supplier" means Promotional Products Fast Co the term "Purchaser" refers to the Buyer throughout these Terms & Conditions.

2. The "Supplier" reserves the right to "Title of Goods" until payment is made in full.

3. No alteration of these Terms & Conditions can be made after the Buyer has ordered the goods - That is once an order has been agreed between the "Buyer" and the "Supplier" by way of order acknowledgement, Purchase Order or Order written acknowledgement by either parties. The "Supplier" may alter these Terms & Conditions at times deemed necessary by the "Supplier" in order to safeguard business interests other than that stated above.

4. All prices quoted are those set-out in the "Suppliers" quotation, including "Artwork" but excludes "Delivery Charges" to either one or muliple locations, or unless otherwise stated.

5. Payment Terms

5.1 Payment Terms for non-Business Trade Buyers (General Public) is Proforma.
5.2 Payment Terms for Trade purchases are strictly "7 Days" from date of invoice.
5.3 In certain circumstance the "Supplier" may request a deposit of 50% of the total amount outstanding prior to acceptance of the order.
5.4 In certain circumstances the "Supplier" may request
"Proforma Payment" in advance of delivery of the goods.
5.5 The "Supplier" reserves the right to apply a surcharge of "4%" above the base rate set by the HSBC Bank on all late payments or overdue amounts from the due date of payment.

6. Deliveries

6.1 All deliveries made to the "Purchaser" should be checked with 24 hours of the date of Delivery.
6.2 All Damages or Shortages, should be reported to the "Supplier" within 24 hours and in writing.
6.3 Failure to complete the checking of Goods Delivered and the< reporting of any such Shortage or Damages, would be deemed by the "Supplier" that the goods have been acepted by the "Purchaser" complete and unharmed.
6.4 Under certain circumstances and out-with the control of the "Supplier" in particular when Goods are sourced from the third party Manufacturer or other Supplier, delays may occur, when and if this event does happen, the "Supplier" will notify the "Purchaser" as soon as is reasonable, that there will be a delay in delivery.

7. Acceptance of Quotations & Artwork

7.1 The "Supplier" will only accept an order for delivery once the "Artwork or Quotation" has been signed by an Officer of the Purchaser.
7.2 In certain circumstances, whereby "Artwork" reflects a specific requirement of the "Purchaser" and is deemed their "Copyright" orders will be accepted on a "Non-Returnable" basis.

8. Under/Over Supply of Ordered Articles

8.1 The "Supplier" reserves the right to supply either "Over/Under 10%" of the ordered articles, which is due solely to Manufacturing problems, we therefore advise each "Purchaser" when ordering to ensure that the order reflects this possible "Margin of Error".

9. Force Majeure

Neither party will be liable for any delay, loss or damage caused wholly or in part by an Act of God, Governmental restriction, condition or control or by reason of any Act done pursuant to a Trade Dispute, whether such dispute involves its servants or by reason of any other Act, Matter or Thing, out-with reasonable control of the Company or Individual.

10. General

10.1 All prices exclude VAT (which will be charged at the rate of 17.5% unless otherwise stated)
10.2 We reserve the right to refuse to accept orders
10.3 We reserve the right to amend our prices and specifications without prior notice. We will, when possible, make such information available at the earliest opportunity.
10.4 All artwork/designs and colour matching is approximate and complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

11. Returns Policy for Non-Trade Customers

11.1 Customers have the right to cancel their order within 7 days of placing the said order, assuming no cost has been entered into on their account, they will have their payment returned.  

If costs, these will be deducted and then payment returned.


 Any returned items must be in perfect/new condition on receipt to us. (We will not be liable for any return courier costs). Should the item being returned be faulty in accordance with our money back guarantee, we will offer a full refund or replace the item accordingly. (Due to the personal nature of personalised products, we can only replace such items if they are faulty, no refunds can be given for personalised products).

12. Complaints – we welcome all, even the slightest issue that concerns you in any way- truly we welcomeall!. Do call or  e mail.

12.1 In the unlikely event of a complaint being registered, we will do our utmost to rectify the problem. Please contact us immediately by telephone (01299 827 522) or e-mail

13. Customs

13.1 For those customers outside the United Kingdom, customs duty may be payable on your ordered goods. Fees are outside our control and must be paid by the customer. Also, carriage charges will differ from United Kingdom resident "Purchasers" and a higher carriage charge may be levied at the discretion of the "Supplier".

14. Marketing

14.1 There are options on this site to register your e-mail address to join our mailing list. This will only be used for marketing purposes. Leaving your e-mail address will include opting to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and the forwarding by us to you, of 'special or promotional offers'. By giving your e-mail address, it will be accepted by all parties that you have agreed to both subscribe to such a newsletter and the forwarding of such offers. (You may unsubscribe at anytime by e-mailing us with your removal instructions).

15. Acceptance

15.1 The placing of your order, whether online, by telephone or fax denotes that you have accepted our Terms and Conditions as stated.