1a. what needs to be done to beat competitors? Which offers are most likely to attract new business, when and how.

1b. applying research..if by investing intelligently £1 extra we can make £3 if explained (marketed and sold ) effectively does any part of our product or service  need change?

Innovation NOT Invention
2. what needs to be done inc promotion PR brochures, web, direct mail etc when and how

Marketing not manipulation
3. what needs to be done to beat competitors, retain clients for longer and agree  sales to new customers
Sales through relationship not empty promises

Incentives, rewards and Thank you's to make implementing your plans successfully, easier and better for everyone…

Motivation needs constant nurturing
A proven selection of promotional products which will make your team of directors and staff, suppliers, customers, and prospective customers feel part of your special business, more able to deal with the situation of today and deliver to your plans for tomorrow.   

Turning point
"Promoting my leadership message and values, without me saying a word, through your  personalised team clothing design." …my life became better!

The right promotional item from uniforms to mugs etc, designed and  used in the right way, pay for themselves many times over. The wrong items simply loose you reputation and loose you money– so identify a trusted, proven supplier and product!

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