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Sotherby's top team was already very effective. How could their management team reward success and inspire others to higher performance? At the same time.

The senior management team had the strategic experience to identify better performance as key to the company's development but not the experience to know what to do in order
to inspire, support and reward high performance.

Mark designed a plan to establish

  • what the team would like as a reward?
  • how did they see that reward also supporting the promotion of the company?
This is the interesting part!

Mark met with all thirteen members of the top team. He had ideas based on his
experience of what had worked before but no fixed answer. He was prepared to be surprised.

He was!

The conversation included suggestions from Mark in order to understand people's true feelings about traditional suggestions.

Would they like a day at the races? A watch, a pen...

None of these.

Turning point:

Mark engaged the team to consider something that they would enjoy and appreciate themselves AND support and promote the company's image and standing in the market.

Mark and the team co-designed a top quality bespoke uniform.

Other benefits:
Other teams were impressed. The effectiveness of the idea reached the people it was designed to and invited other areas of the business to 'get curious'.

Everyone took responsibility for their part in the creation of something lasting.

Over the next four years their understanding of promotion, branding and advertising, team and community was translated into a number of projects including

  • a sale event in Switzerland
  • corporate promotions for their guests at the Ryder Cup
  • a management initiative in Greece
  • a management initiative in New York - traditionally a tough market to please!
And this is what they said...

“We were delighted. Mark took the time to truly understand our requirements and how best to satisfy them.

We improved the ROI from existing advertising and improved the development of new messages.

Our team is now more focused in enhancing and promoting its business interests”.

T Robson  Marketing Director, Sotherby's

Project time ? days over 4 years

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