Case Study Television Manufacturer

Sony discovered that there most profitable line was underperforming. Distributors were too busy selling other lines to take action. Urgent action was needed.

Mark designed a plan to

  • identify the unique selling points of the line
  • identiy the reasons why distributors were reluctant to promote the line
  • discover what would motive the sales teams to pay appropriate attention to promoting the line
His programme included
  • interviewing staff to see what incentive would encourage staff to promote this product.
  • designing a fun promotion aimed at age 18-40+ and to include Saturday staff.
  • two incentive gifts which were used in unusual ways.
  • a reward that Mark prototyped,  tested, revised and then tested and then ran!
  • a training programme for 460 sales personnel to make promoting the product line informed, fun and rewarding.
Turning point:
Mark “stepped into their shoes” and was able to advise management what staff really wanted (in line with company image) as a reward.

Within two months nationwide revenues for this product exceeded target.

Other benefits:

The quality gift/reward was still advertising the company nearly three years later! It had been designed and made to a standard which made it highly regarded by those it was intended to reward.

That is sustainable promotion! Value for money with lasting results.

Project time 5 weeks

Does this inspire you?

Do you have a product / service that is not selling as well as you wish
by your own staff or through your sales channels?

  • Do you know why ?
  • Will they tell you the truth about your product?
  • Do they fully understand the product and its unique selling points?
Do you think you might benefit from
  • independent assessment of the reasons?
  • pragmatic solutions that will address your issues - short, mid and long term?

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