Testimonial  Music Retailer

Mark's products and service, unlike others, do not cost us. Instead, they add value and profit."

Philip Parker - Director, Music Matters

Mark designed a plan to

  • make our customer feel special resulting in more customers paying better prices
  • inspire better management
  • motivate the sales team
 Mark knows how important staff morale is to building stronger sales. Looking good helps people feel that they belong to a company that cares and that motivates.

Mark ensures that the Music Matters team look smart and they feel 'smart', out performing our competitors.

Choosing the right look and the right products is a very personal exercise. Everything says something about the company values. Mark's specialist products and supplier
knowledge supports our sales brilliantly by communicating our values to our customers and demonstrating that we value them.

This year he also made subtle improvements to our corporate logo.

On one product request Mark examined 174 pens within our price range and gave us a short list of 5. Our final selection was a winner.

Our new pens are an important part of our marketing mix and give a clear message that marks out Music Matters as being authentic and better.

Turning point:
Understanding the link between how we look and feel with how our customers see us.

Increased sales at profitable margins.

Other benefits:
Employee engagement.

"Thanks for assisting us for the last 18 years!"

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