Testimonial  Distribution

“Sales up by 17.0% with no extra staffing costs."

"I feel much more in control and clear about what my leadership is going to achieve."

Luke Verrall, Managing Director

Mark designed a plan to

  • establish which competitors were beating us and how
  • find out what our customers liked and disliked about us
  • use the information and make it relevant to the business direction
  • prioritise the issues that needed resolving
  • pro-actively identify, win and retain new customers
  • identify and either transform or eliminate non-profitable sales
  • identify individual strengths and build a better team around strengths and not weaknesses
  • develop a sense of pride and responsibility amongst the staff
Turning point:
Promoting my leadership message and values, without me saying a word, through your  personalised team clothing design."


"Coaching me in a joint presentation to motivate individual effectiveness and improve the team spirit."

Increased sales by 17.0% after expenses.

Other benefits:
Mark's style, commitment and enthusiasm was focused on engaging staff and customers alike to find easier sales opportunities. Everyone felt listened to.

Role clarity for the Managing Director.

“Mark's coaching and ideas are profitable."
"Thank you for your assistance. It has been invaluable!”

Luke Verrall, Managing Director

Project time 6 days

Does this inspire you?

Which of your competitors are REALLY marketing and operating more profitably?
How can YOU gain from your competitors hard work?
How can you change your offer to make it more valuable?

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