Testimonial  Engineering Company

“Mark took away my sales/stock problem and increased my sales
profits by 19.7%"

Mark designed a plan to
  • researched new markets
  • production effective marketing action that really reached the customers
  • implement marketing actions that
    • brought proactive calls from customers predisposed towards the products
    • repositioned the product within the same market
    • increased the sales price of the product
    • increased sales
    • increased profits
    • dramatically improved cashflow
Turning point:
"Mark asked different questions in different ways."


he found compelling reasons for Shell, Lakeland Plastics and Tesco to take notice of the product.

Tesco placed a contract fo the entire production.
Increased profit margin 19.7% after expenses.

Other benefits:
Information used to sell another product later on.

“Brilliant! Mark works!”

J Lucas, Chairman Hunt and Rogers

Project time 1.5 months

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