Is your problem:

How to Win the most profitable order of your life, where your customer stays Loyal to you, buying profitably again and again.

The experience of a proven profitable sales winner having closed sales at SONY, to JCB, to TESCO.
Who prides himself on integrity and respect. Creating quality public relations easy for others to follow.

If you have a need for more profitable sales and a good proven product that you need to close the sale on but this eludes you... if yes send a description to me, or call us on 01299 827 522.

Remember Mark Edwards is ethical and loyal.
Proven to be effective, attracted customers and sold his own small business services and products to JCB, texaco and hundreds of small accounts and promoted and sold for other businesses to TESCO, SHELL OIL and many small accounts.

And he has a desire to shine.

Testimonial :

I'm a client, so I can say parts of it Mark sold our stock
"Mark took away my sales problems.
"and increased my sales profits by 19.7%"
"Mark listened to our issues, checking he had understood them correctly, then he:-

  • researched the market place, to check what was going on
  • found out who else was there, and more
  • talked to our clients, to see what they really thought of us
  • talked to our lost clients, finding out why they left, and what they liked about who they now used
  • Then he told us what he found out. Very clearly,very carefully, and very precisely. It was horrifying.
  • he focused us on what he discovered as the main issues that needed resolving
  • Then he asked us if we wanted him to start working on them, which we did.
  • he then made clear steps of what could be done to win back and maintain clients
  • refined our offering to what people wanted to buy
  • targeted several specific markets for us, and began precise tailored offerings to them, and cleared our excess stock
  • What made the whole project work was Mark's ability to do any part of the role himself to get the results needed, and his way to gleam out truths none of the rest of us saw, or perhaps troubled to see.


Key skills I am told I have are:-

Questioning clients and ex clients in a gentle manner than really does bring out new telling information.

Doing back ground searches that bring up many more opportunities than clients were aware of.

Being able to set up complete successful marketing initiative with incredibly little help.

Repositioning existing products into new markets. Profitable markets.

Creating opportunities out of the most innocent of prospect conversations.

Tenacity to keep working to finish the project off,to get the client payback.

One client has said of me:-

"Yes, Marks approach is a little weird, but then for what Mark does, unusual is good. He finds openings I never saw, and then worked at them without needing to be told. His research ability is outstanding, and ok, he may take longer to tell me than I want, but what he has to tell me is worth listening to. He gives me opportunities to existing problems, which I would never have stumbled across on my own. He isn't your normal marketing fellow, he has commitment to getting the right results, and doesn't just leave me to do the work, and he gets involved. Now that is unusual, and as I say, weird is good with Mark."

You can either call Mark Edwards 01299 827 522 and talk about your requirements and I mean any size of business from 1 man band

Or in a "nut shell"

In a Nutshell

do you want a few ideas to help solutions which improve sales and profits.

Do you wish to more profitably sell your products in the UK - to small, medium, or large businesses, Charities or other?

Entrepreneur, marketing man, sales man, Mark Edwards founded GAP, a highly respected marketing and distribution company, for the purpose of promoting his own range of products and services, over 23 years ago. He was so successful with his "different" approach to identifying the needs of the market place and the most innovative way in which to maximize sales, that his client list soon included such household names as SONY, JCB and TEXACO a nd recruited and over 100 partners / distributors to sell his products!

Now Mark's 23 years of successful firsthand experience is being used to sell your products to more profitable customers inc TESCO, Shell Oil and many smaller yet profitable buyers.

If you wish to establish your name, brand and reputation and profits is it not sensible to gain from the experience of someone who understands the UK market well and who has previously attempted - and been successful - in developing his own thriving business.

Ask yourself a few questions:-

Do you know:-
  • The UK market size for your products and who the buyers are. When will they next buy?
  • Who are your UK competitors? What are their actual weaknesses & strengths?
  • Which aspects can you promote to make you special, to beat your competitors and increase your turnover and or margin?
In addition:-
  • Is there a more effective route to market with partners etc?
  • Do you have all the research, marketing and promotional skills to enable your sales forecast to be accurate and sales results delivered?
Mark Edwards can provide answers and offer ideas and solutions to all of these points.
  • He has the knowledge to research and identify the most profitable markets for you
  • He knows how to encourage customers to want your product
  • He can motivate sales staff to sell you more effectively
  • He can enhance your company's reputation - vital to long term profit
  • He can even help you to sell your company.
If you are considering selling more in the UK - don't delay, contact Mark now, without obligation - you will be glad you did!

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